Discipled By Jesus (DBJ)

Discipleship Summit

May 15-17, 2023

Mt. Hope Bible Camp | Forbestown, CA

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Weekly Zoom Meeting

Join us Wednesday mornings from 6-7 am via Zoom and learn more about the Discipled By Jesus method of making disciples and disciple-makers of Jesus. Join Pastor Darlene Franks and Pastor Jeffrey Bassett as they facilitate this weekly meeting. To sign up and receive the zoom invitation, contact Pastor Darlene Franks.

What is Discipled By Jesus?

Through their ministry, Heartwalk, Hal and Debbi Perkins equip pastors, other leaders, and laypersons to establish intentional, relational discipling in the DNA of a church and also are willing to schedule informal times with pastors, staff members, lay leaders or parents to dialogue how to integrate being disciples and making disciples into the routine of family/church life. They travel all over the USA and have for the past 10 years. Hal was a pastor in the Nazarene church for 40 years prior to going on the road with Debbi full time to equip pastors, other leaders, and laypeople in the Great Commission of making disciples and disciple-makers.

Join Hal Perkins’ weekly zoom session!

Hal Perkins’ offers online Discipled By Jesus Zoom session weekly. To register for a weekly Zoom session, please tell us more about you and the day/time that works best for you. We’ll then reach out to you by email with log in information for the session you’d like to join.